845 SMART - Green Machine

The first completely environmentally friendly sock machine.
8 kW/h of consumption and only 1 liter of water for over 1,200 pairs of socks.


  • It is the only energy self-sufficient machine on the market that runs on photovoltaic panels, thus harnessing solar power.
    Up to 1,200 pairs/hour with 8 KW/h and 1 liter of consumption water
  • Large inspection area (6 modules) for 1 or 2 operators (for sorting and discarding socks before ironing)
  • Infrared dryer (eliminates pathogens)
  • Complete ironing at the lowest cost ever!
  • 14 folds/28 shapes (2 shapes/fold)
  • A stacker device stacks the preset number of 1st quality socks and sends them to the packaging area
  • Smartphone connection
  • Remote support and connection via PLC
  • Maintenance free

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